• What is mu?It's a bar, restaurant and live music venue.
  • When is the live music?5 days a week. Please check the listings section for details of who is playing when. There are usually two performances, timings are approximately as follows:
 Performance 1Performance 2
Wednesday & Thursday1930 - 20302100 - 2200
Friday & Saturday1930 - 20302130 - 2300
Sunday1900 - 20002100 - 2200
  • Is the live music free?There is an optional £8 per person cover charge which is added to the bills of guests who areseated during the performances. The cover charge we collect goes towards the fixed performance fees we pre-agree with each musician that plays.
  • Can I come for dinner even if I don't care about the music?Yes, that's why we make the cover charge optional.
  • Can I talk during the live music performances?Yes you can. We are trying to create an intimate but informal atmosphere. But please however be respectful to other guests and the musicians.